PR: Ramona takes a break 2016 – is pregnant

Ramona Karlsson, Supercardriver and owner of her rallycross team RamonaRX, now announce that she is pregnant. This means that she will take a break from the competing in 2016, and also gives an explanation of why she had to retire the last competitions in 2015. “It feels really great to finally announce this. I’m so happy, feel very well, and look very much forward to become a mum” Ramona says, who together with her boyfriend Glenn Matning will become parents in May. “Now we just keep our fingers crossed that everything will go well – after all, it’s quite early yeat”, Ramona says, who already has given her baby some Supercar rides. For instance, Ramona competed in Euro RX Barcelona pregnant, but had to retire due to health issues. “I got surprised an really fascinated of what big physical effort it is to compete in Supercar. I was 100% set to complete the season, but my body wanted something else. I almost laugh when I look back. I’m quite sure that I’m the first driver to take the joker lap  three times in a heat, while vomiting and almost fainting in between. On the other hand, there has not been any other pregnant Supercar driver before me either. After this, I immediately retired the competition, and also decided to retire Italy after the doctor’s advice. I think the baby wanted a more calm and adrenaline free environment, because now we feel great” Ramona laughs.

Ramona aims to come back on the track again in 2017, and during 2016 she will work with other motorsport projects that she will reveal soon. “It’s very much exciting and fun things happening right now, and I keep my fingers crossed that I will continue to feel well and healthy during the rest of the pregnancy” Ramona says.

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