Oliver Solberg victorious in Strangnas!

He became 16 years old today, Oliver Solberg dominated the final earlier today in Strangnas. The young Norwegian, under Latvian flag, made the best start in the final and did not see any of his competitors again. Behind Solberg there was a huge fight between Hedström, Eriksson and Bryntesson, which was eventually won by Bryntesson. Eriksson finished third.

“I couldn’t be more happy! Winning the RallyX Nordic finale in Strängnas and being accompanied by two great competitors Thomas Bryntesson and Oliver Eriksson on the podium was a dream come true on my 16th birthday. I also managed to secure the championship silver medal, that was one of my main season goals. Congratulations to champion Bryntesson with a well deserved title! Thanks to my father and mother, my grandparents and family, my amazing team (you ROCK!), Johan Kristoffersson for all your help and to all of my supporters!”, said Solberg on his Facebookpage.


Picture: RX-inside.be / Johan Schefström

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