Csucsu happy with Kouvola!

His first outing in RallyX Nordic last weekend in Kouvola, and immediately succesfull! Lukács Kornél, aka Csucsu, scored a great 6th place in a 32 fielded pack! The Hungarian never drove in Kouvola and had to get used to his new, Hedström rental, Volkswagen Polo. We spoke with the Hungarian.

It was quite a good weekend, with many new experiences. This car is a 2015 car (before I drove 2014) and it has a new engine with fresh air system. Completely different how to drive this engine, it took both practice sessions to learn it. After that we started to work on the setups and found a good one for this track. I loved the organisation, every heat and finals was in one day, so it wasn’t a big break and cool down too much. In the end i’m very happy with the result. It could have been even better if we didn’t have the spin in the openingslap, but that’s racing!”

“In Loheac i have much more experience, i was there for a race last year and also did a test with Hedström there, so I will have a starting setup as well, so I see for a good results there. Hope I can reach the final and then everything can happen. I will just fighting like a lion!

We from RX-inside want to wish our friend Csucsu all the best for Loheac!

 Toni Ollikainen // Tonigraphs

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