Firmin Cadeddu aiming high for Loheac!

With 21 years he was the youngest French Rallycross Champion in history in Supercars-category. Next to that he won the Championship in his debut year, and he is in good company with that record. Only Jean Luc Pailler and Davy Jeanney did this before. His name: Firmin Cadeddu! We spoke to him prior to his homerace in Loheac.

Last year you were French Rallycross Champion in Supercars-category. The French Championship is known for it’s high level, what is the biggest difference with EuroRX?
“The difference between French RX Championship and EuroRx is the variety in tracks, with more steep terrain and variation in height. And offcourse there are a lot more competitors in EuroRX. The cars in EuroRX are on a higher level.”

At the moment you didn’t score points in EuroRX. How come? Is competition that tough? Is it cause of a lack of knowledge of the tracks? Bad luck?
“I didn’t score points yet due to bad luck in Barcelona, we were really fast (4th time in Q3) but I broke a wheel at the start of Q1 due to a contact with T.Pal Kiss. In Norway I had to discover the track and with the weather which was constantly changing all the weekend I wasn’t too fast for changing my setups on the car. I wasn’t in Höljes because we were testing at Loheac.”

Within a few weeks you will drive in your home-event in Loheac, what do you expect of that race? What result will you be happy with? You should be in advantage as you know the track very well.
“Loheac is my home event and the track looks like the other French Championship tracks. We did a test day there recently. All my partners will be there for this big event. I hope to be in the semi-finals. From there, everything will be possible!!”

What are your plans for the future? Do you want to continue in EuroRX? And continue with the Citroen C4?
“For the future I want to sell my Citroen C4. After that we want to look at the options for new plans in EuroRx Supercar for 2018!”

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