Uncertain 2018 for Magda Andersson

Swedish rallycross driver Magda Andersson’s 2018 is looking uncertain. With the continued growth of the European Supercar category, the required budget is putting a strain on the Swedish team.

It was during 2017 that Magda and her team made their Supercar debut together with Marklund Motorsport, competing in the FIA European Rallycross Championship Supercar. The former TouringCar silver medallist ended up 16th overall, with some strong results in both Höljes and Lóheac, setting top 6 qualifying times.

Regardless of the former results of the team, 2018 is looking uncertain, as the team struggles to raise the finances needed to continue in the highly competitive European Supercar category.

It’s difficult to combine a family team with a Supercar program, we all have full time jobs outside of rallycross, and we work extremely hard every year to get a program together for the coming season”, says Magda Andersson. “The Magda team is a family team, consisting of parents, as well as close friends to the family. All work in 2017 was done voluntarily.“, she continues.

Despite the current issues, the team and Magda are very happy to have reached the Supercar category at all, as it represents the most prestigious form of rallycross in Europe. With the team forming in 2012, the last five years have been a rewarding and exciting journey for all members.

I am still very happy to have gotten this far. To have competed in Supercar has been a dream coming true, a dream I have had since I was nine years old. I am also eternally grateful towards my team, my family and my partners, they have gotten me this far and without them I would not have had the chance to compete in rallycross at all.“, Magda continues.

The Team also remains hopeful about the future and the coming season.

We have approximately three and a half months left, and we keep on working. There is still time to get a program together, and we will not give up on 2018 that easily.“, concludes Magda Andersson.

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