The next Danish Superstar: Tobias Daarbak!

Can he walk in the footsteps of Ulrik Linnemann? It looks like Denmark has the next Rallycross Superstar in making, his name Tobias Daarbak! Young Tobias, 16 years old, is the 7-time Danish Cross kart Champion. To make it even more impressive… he did it 7 times in a row!

Now young Tobias is set to drive EuroRX in the Touringcars-class, with the ex Philip Gehrman Ford Fiesta. Maybe the name Daarbak sounds familiar to you. It is one of the main sponsors of Ulrik Linnemann. We checked with Ulrik Linnemann about his thoughts about Tobias Daarbak.

Tobias has only driving Cross kart and some Folkrace races. The Daarbak family have been following me during EuroRX and therefore they want to give Tobias a try.. he is a really talented guy.. 16 years old. I can’t wait to see him in competition!

The Touringcars Championship will start early May in Mettet. After Belgium there will be 2 more rounds, in Norway and Sweden.

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